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Towards a special experience - Pianowebfest Arad July 2022

"Music extends far beyond the score, it gives us focus, motivation and meaning in life through the ability to communicate and to develop"

"Love. Passion. Mission. Communication” . The beautiful Arad Conservatory hall

“We are not just giving music lessons, we are giving lessons for life”

Some years ago, I visited the piano Island Gulangyu in China . The idea of a place that feels, breathes and has so many activities of piano fascinated me ever since, and the dream of having this concept in Israel finally came true. Happy and looking forward Pianowebfest Arad .

The continuation of the original Pianowebfest that was established in 2020, exactly two tears ago, is becoming live. The festival will take place in Arad, a unique city in the south of Israel, located 25 kilometers west of the Dead Sea.

From the first moment , I fell in love with this town, and the beautiful conservatory of music .

The first encounter with Mr. Ohn Cohen, the conservatory director, was warm, communicative and welcoming . We became devoted partners to bring music and piano to Arad, with the blessing of the Mayor and the community Center. Our other wonderful partners are : The Felicja Blumental association, The NEWIJ association and the Arthur Rubinstein International Music Society.


July 17-21 2022


The festival will feature lessons, masterclasses with our wonderful faculty, concerts of students and faculty, and special guests , along with workshops, lectures , sightseeing and more!


We accept a limited number of students, we do not have age limit!

How to register?

all info is in our website

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic.” (Dave Barry)


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