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pianowebfest spring session - we are on!

These days , when we face our third lockdown, one can certainly get up in the morning and breath deeply. One needs so much patience, and a strong motivation to keep playing the piano, keep practicing, even if there is no deadline coming. Teaching makes me very happy , and the teaching online is getting easier , the technology is already part of my day, and I am very happy to keep lessons and music through the screen.

In the first lockdown pianowebfest was born, after the second lockdown I was not sure if the festival will continue, and now we are still on, with great new faculty members, with wonderful new team and many happy piano teachers and students who continue with us. Now there is a reason to open the piano and practice!

The spring session will be shorter, without lectures , only lessons- however more teachers to choose from, many masterclasses to watch live and on our library.

I am more than happy to have my dear Teacher Gilbert Kalish on our faculty - what an honor to have one of the most wonderful pedagogues with us . Excited also to have Ilana Vered, the artisitic director of Musicfest Perugia and Murray Mclachlan from Manchester , as well as my dear colleagues Asaf Zohar and Yaron Rosenthal.

And of course - all the wonderful faculty members from last summer.

Our wonderful team had changed a bit, more than happy to have Shiri , my daughter on the social media making! She is in charge of all posts on FB, instagram, and helping us spreading the news,

Looking forward for a great spring , registration is on!


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