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Pianowebfest - all about international online communication

online international piano festival

For pianists, piano teachers, piano students, piano amateurs, piano lovers

Crisis can make you more creative, and makes you get out of your comfort zone. When you are at home so much, with the need to communicate alternatively with your students and colleagues, ideas begin to come to mind. This is the story of PianoWebFest.

The idea of creating an international piano festival has stood with me many years: a sort of dream of which most has come to life, but rather online. The idea of teachers around the world meeting students and discussing music with each other as well as the idea of panels and discussions amongst piano teachers and students was very fascinating to me.

Communication online of this sort is new to all of us - and this is the time to experiment and test the waters. Teaching on Zoom during the past months has opened my eyes to many new insights ! It is still possible to communicate and make music together, even if we are far away physically.

In any new project, I picture myself as the starter of a car: then, the full engine, and the full energy, the motor will be done by others . I have always worshipped good teamwork - for me this is the ideal for creating a real project.

So I gathered a wonderful team of young people, mostly built of past and current students of mine . This team is brilliant - not only they are a bunch of wonderful pianists , but also tech- experts , website builders, creative marketing minds and wonderful web connoisseurs.

The next thing - I started by asking my dear colleagues all around the world to cooperate, and was so happy that they agreed to be part of this festival. Our faculty is very diverse, constructed of special musicians from the best music schools in the USA, Europe and China who are eager to teach and give, communicate and converse.

The festival's program is very rich, including lectures on many pedagogical aspects (practicing, habits, sound production, repertoire, physical aspects) , panels, lessons and masterclasses, movement lessons (Yoga, pilates and more) , and live performances.

All details - in our website

our website:

piano teachers can enroll to all lectures, masterclasses , panels and discussions and movement classes . However - if one of their students is applying as an active student - they can get to all activities free!

piano lovers, piano amateurs and anyone who wishes to attend all activities - application is also welcomed!


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