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New approach to practicing and performing according to the llan Lev method

The Piano Journal, London Issue 98 2012

“There is no right ultimate solution to all, not all the time. There is no technical solution that works on all at the same pattern. Everything is right at its own time…One must avoid any kind of fixation… any method should not be fixed. One must change his method of acting, breathing or movement." - Ilan Lev

Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional

As performers and teachers we all know that some kind of pain and stress some of the inevitable facts of our routine. When we are in pain our first response is to somehow get rid of that pain. This is not always possible. Still, our minds tell us that the less pain we experience, the happier we are.

Although we may not want to admit it, pain plays an important role in our lives. Pain is the body's messenger which alerts us to the fact that some part of our body needs immediate attention. Pain is also a teacher as we learn to live with it and come to make the distinction between pain and suffering. Thus we begin to understand the statement that pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

That the pain can be your friend – strange as it is, that was the first important thing I have learned from the physiotherapist Ilan Lev.

Playing an instrument is totally physical action, and the strain during the years requires lots of attention and care. Pianists tend to suffer from different kinds of pain, some can still play and perform with it , and some reach to a point in which they have to quit practicing.


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